Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gluten Free In Cary - Barberitos!

UPDATE: Marc and Marie went to Barberitos on July 21, 2013 and were told that the oil the chips are fried in is also used for flour tortillas. That means no nachos for us now. =(

There's a new Barberitos in town so I checked out their site and not only did they have plenty of gluten free options but their menu sounded fresh and healthy. Chris, Joe and I went Monday evening for a quick dinner and I'm sharing our dark and grainy photos with a quick review just for you.

Barberitos is a Chipotle-like concept with a few twists, such as fajitas, fish tacos on Fridays and some different toppings like fresh jalapenos and cilantro to switch things up a bit.

Because I had looked online I had a good idea of what we could and couldn't have but when I asked a question to the two employees working the counter they not only didn't know which items were safe but they hadn't appeared to have been trained in gluten safety.

On the plus side, they were nice and friendly and wanted to help and the cashier ran to get the manager. He cleared things up, made sure the team changed gloves and we felt very comfortable ordering. One of them continued to ask me questions while the other finished our order - he really wanted to learn and understand and that was great.

Joe was honestly not overwhelmed with his meal, although in the pic he really just wants to eat. He is a Chipotle fan through and through and loves the spices of their chicken and black beans and thought these were a little on the mild side. Of course there are lots of toppings and salsas to spice things up which he didn't try. Because you order Barberitos tacos individually, his three taco order ended up costing far more than Chipotle and left him hungry as the serving were a little on the light side. He wants to give it another try, though and thinks he'll give the steak a try.

Chris had a great time creating those nachos he's somewhat patiently waiting to dive into. The chips are super thin and crispy and were layered with a light coating of beans, steak and cheese and then topped with jarred jalapeno slices, fresh minced jalapeno, cilantro, pico de gallo, spicy Chipotle chili sauce, sour cream, guacamole and more. It looked like it would be way too hot but he thought was hot but still flavorful and each of the individual ingredients were really good - especially the steak - and said he'd certainly order it again.

My veggie nachos were a lot simpler but still really yummy. Pinto beans, cheese, lots of fresh jalapeno and cilantro with the spicy Chipotle sauce. Fresh, crispy and light - I loved it. Nachos are hardly healthy diet food and these were really huge but they were so delicious that I'll indulge from time to time. I'd absolutely go back to try something else, too.

So two out of three of us loved our meals and the third is more than willing to go again. It's nice knowing there's another good spot to stop in for a tasty gluten free meal.

If you go to Barberitos, leave a comment and let me know what you tried.

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