Sunday, July 14, 2013

Raleigh/Durham NC Gluten Free & Allergen Free Wellness Event

The summer is flying by and I have been a very negligent blogger so I'm doing a quick, pictureless, recipeless and reviewless post. "Stuff" keeps getting in the way of plans and my attempts to find balance have been unsuccessful so far - more on that later.

I owe Laura two gluten free restaurant reviews and have recipe pics and posts are just stacking up. Joe graduating from highschool and getting ready for college has kept me busy, as has auditing a Coursera course on nutrition for health promotion and disease prevention.

The really big news of the summer, however, is that Marc and Marie are expecting their bundle of joy in just about a month from now. I can't wait to meet my little grandbaby.

I'm also starting to get excited about the Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event which should take place a few days after the cutest grandson in the world makes his appearance. Last year's event was in Raleigh and Marc, Marie, her mom Terri, Chris and I all went together. With the exception of one, maybe two, tables that had a product with food dyes everything there was safe to try. (Joe is dye allergic and we avoid all food dyes - see for more on avoiding dyes.) We had the best time visiting with old favorites like Bella Monica and Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakery and trying new favorites like Spize and - well - just about everything else there that was there.

This year the event will be in the Durham Convention Center. There will be a lot of new-to-me vendors this year so I'm excited to see what they offer. I'm looking forward to seeing Carrie Forbes of Ginger Lemon Girl again and hope she'll have her latest book with her to purchase. It will be perfect for Joe as he starts college. Harmony Farms will be there again. I enjoyed meeting them briefly last year and just finally made it in their store Thursday for a few goodies. Chris and I met Shannon and Bev there again yesterday for coffee and juices and fairy hair.  Now that I know how close they are and how many really great products they have jammed into their store I will be back often.

So if you haven't been to a Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event and are in the Raleigh/Durham area put this one on your calendar and let me know if you'll be there!


Pam said...

Great write up! Look forward to seeing you!

chacha said...

Thanks Pam, looking forward to meeting you!