Thursday, August 29, 2013

This is Grub Kefir Water

Several years ago we started our journey to better health with the Feingold Association. It was amazing how quickly we felt better by removing artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives. Through an elimination diet we were able to find our sensitivities. To be rid of migraines, daily headaches and other issues was such a relief and to think that food, FDA approved food, could have been our problem was both enlightening and frustrating.

As I learned more about food and health, making probiotic rich food became a delicious way of restoring our gut flora and regaining health. (Reading The Body Ecology Diet taught me about the importance of fermenting food and drinks.) Making coconut water kefir was my first baby step into fermenting. Making kefir from milk and coconut milk were next. Coconut milk kefir makes the most amazing smoothies! Real sauerkraut, kimchee, miso and yogurt are delicious and healing although my favorite fermented veggie combination is shredded beets, carrots and ginger. Water kefir was something I'd tried a couple of times but didn't really get the hang of perhaps because I had too many kitchen projects going at the time. Kombucha was my favorite fermented drink and for several years I always had four gallon jars of kombucha in various stages of brewing on a kitchen counter. Over the summer I had trouble with my brews and had to dump them all, intending to start fresh in a couple of weeks but hadn't.

The ladies of This is Grub were at the Gluten Free & Allergen Free Wellness Event in Raleigh and had great little kits for making water kefir. So I decided to give water kefir another go and purchase a kit. The Grub kit includes two quart jars, a nifty little mesh strainer, the starter sugar and fruit and really straightforward instructions. They gift you a starter supply of kefir grains with each purchase.

I followed the instructions to the letter and was rewarded with a sweet/tart/fizzy/mellow and totally delicious healthy probiotic drink. My kefir grains are multiplying nicely and I've got a steady supply of water kefir in the fridge. Water, a bit of organic sugar, a pinch of sea salt and an organic date all combine with the kefir grains for the first ferment and then you can leave it plain (delicious) for the second ferment or add fresh fruit or juice to flavor it further. My favorite so far is coconut water and lime juice - it reminds me of the young coconut water kefir I used to make. The coconut lime version is in the front, while a pomegranate lime version is in the carrier.

Water kefir ferments much quicker than Kombucha so much less space is required on my tiny counters. The Grub ladies have made it easy to get a routine going and are accessible on Facebook and have even sent an email. I'm so glad we bumped into them at the expo!

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