Monday, April 25, 2011

Gluten Free Atlanta – Heading Home & IKEA

Catching up on laundry and Easter festivities got the better of me for the last few days.  Back to Atlanta and last Thursday…..

We had so much fun with the cousins, doing touristy fun things and enjoying great meals out. I felt blessed to spend more time with Chris and blessed that travelling gluten free has gotten so much easier for us.  As Joe and I packed up the hotel room I made nachos for lunch and sandwiches for the drive home.  We packed up the cooler and even remembered the ice packs in the freezer to keep everything cold until dinner on the road.

We packed up the car and navigated to Zoo Atlanta with only one wrong turn!  After Monday’s hours of being lost this felt like total success.  Zoo Atlanta is a very small zoo, but so beautiful.  In all the zoos we’ve been fortunate enough to visit I’ve never seen Pandas as close up and seemingly happy as Zoo Atlanta.  The Red Panda napping in the sun on his roof was the sweetest and the Orangutans were enormous shaggy somehow gentle looking beasts.  Since Chris had to work a few hours after our hotel check out time the zoo was a great way to get some walking in before our car ride home.  Joe’s such a biology/zoology buff that I always learn so much about the animals we see, too.  Fueled by my success to the zoo, we zipped right up the freeway to Chris office with time to spare.  Next time a g.p.s. would make all the difference!

This just cracks me up.

Anyway, after picking up Chris we drove several hours toward home and ran into IKEA on the way home.  Oh how I wish IKEA wasn’t 2 ½ hours away from me.  The guys were tired but indulged me a few minutes – a very few minutes in the store.  There were a couple of things I needed for my kitchen and something gluten free I wanted. 

IKEA carries a gluten free tart called Almondy and they are so good.  They are served in the IKEA café so you can try a slice before you buy any whole tarts. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed as IKEA used to carry two other flavors of Almondy tarts but only stock this one now. Under the IKEA name there are now two very similar tarts of different flavors.  They read clean but are not marked gluten free like the Almondy brand so I didn’t bother with them until I can research them.

One of the Almondy Tarts made it to our Easter dessert table yesterday.  Two more are safely hidden in the freezer. =D


gabbyfek said...

"a very few minutes"
makes me laugh.
we'll make the trek sometime soon!
hope you're having a lovely morning.

chacha said...

You would have laughed at me!
I was a little panicky trying to see everything.
In a way only IKEA can do to me!
Yes, any time you're ready we'll hit the road.
You, too! xoxoxo