Saturday, October 1, 2011

Triple Coconut Pancakes with Raspberry Preserves

This morning we had delicious coconut pancakes and I have to share the recipe. They were so easy and so good. I have been playing with some gluten free mixes and flours from Bob’s Red Mill and having a good time experimenting. I used the corn bread mix to make Mexican Pizza and loved it. We had the gf chocolate cake on a special occasion not too long ago and it was a big hit, too.  I pureed a can of black beans and mixed it into that cake mix and no one was the wiser! 

The pancake mix is really good made according to the recipe on the back of the package but today I wanted to dress them up a bit.

Bob's carries a large line of Feingold approved, stage 1 mixes and flours.  The raspberry preserves I used would be stage 2 but could easily be subbed for a stage 1 fruit preserve or even a drizzle of honey.

Triple Coconut Pancakes with Raspberry Preserves
Heat cast iron pan or griddle to medium heat.

2 cup Bob’s Red Mill GF Pancake Mix
1 14 ounce can Coconut Milk
2 large Eggs
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil, plus more for cooking
¼ cup Shredded Coconut, I used Tropical Traditions
1 teaspoon Vanilla

Mix all ingredients together.  Depending on the type of coconut milk you use you may need to adjust a bit up or down to get the consistency you prefer.  The amounts above were perfect for us. 

Cook as usual, following the directions on the package.  I kept a little more coconut oil in the pan than usual for a crispy on the outside, tender on the inside pancake.

You’ll note this amount of batter should serve eight.  I found it served two plus Joe.

When ready to serve, spread Raspberry Preserves on top and garnish with Shredded Coconut.


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