Friday, January 27, 2012

Leah's Pecan Paleo Bread

Last night I was able to make this recipe from my friend Leah's Practicing Joy blog. Check out her blog and try it soon. This was my breakfast this morning. Pecan Paleo Bread and a couple of slices of yummy Gouda. Absolutely delicious together!

While I really love this recipe made with almond meal it's incredible made with pecan meal.  Pecan meal is a snap to make in your food processor - just be sure to pulse it until until you have a soft meal but not so long you end up with pecan butter.  Almonds are a stage 2 food in the Feingold world - meaning they are higher in salicylates.  Pecans, however, are a stage 1 or lower salicylate and perfect for people with a salicylate sensitivity.

Right out of the oven you will notice a beautiful dark rye bread color.  I sliced into it while it was still hot and it was great plain and with a little smear of butter.  Joe likes the almond version but really enjoyed this. I think the texture is more delicate than the almond version.  The pecan flavor is mild and wonderful paired with cheese.

So after all the sampling I've done it's time to leash up Elle and take her for an extra long walk to the park today! Elle will thank you Leah!



leah said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I wouldn't have know I could substitute pecan meal for almonds without your help, so I think you shared in the creation of this recipe. :)

chacha said...

All I did was post Elana's creation that I made with almond meal instead of almond flour; you took it a step further! Makes me wonder if there might be any other tasty variations ahead. =D