Monday, May 21, 2012

Marie's Birthday!

One of my favorite pics of Marie & Marc!
Today is sweet Marie's birthday.  Because Marie is a crafty girl, last night we had a DIY birthday dinner for her with Asian Salad Rolls and S'mores.

Marc and Marie were great and helped get everything ready for the salad rolls. We packed the table full of sauces and fillings and we had so much fun making seriously messy rolls. No pictures this time.

  After dinner we had a fun surprise visit from Gabby & Olive, did presents and went outside to make dessert. The DIY s'mores don't need a recipe.

Just pick your favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookies - ours were thin and crispy.  We use Eylon marshmallows because they are dye free, gluten free and all natural.

Chris had the tabletop grill ready to go so we got our marshmallows good and gooey.

Just smash the toasty marshmallow between two cookies like Marie.

It looks like we're all watching Marie eat that s'more! =D

After s'mores Marie and I went inside and did another DIY project just for Marie and got to spend a little more time before the busy week ahead. We had so much fun just getting to hang out together.

And, if you didn't get enough of the graduation photos in the last post - here's one more featuring Marie!


gabbyfek said...

sounds so perfect.
glad she-- and you!-- had such a great day.

chacha said...

In spite of Elle's antics, right?