Thursday, July 5, 2012

She Said YES!!!

Yesterday Marc proposed to our sweet Marie and she said yes! We feel so blessed that Marie will be our daughter in law, especially blessed that they are following God's will for their lives and blessed to be planning their wedding with Marie's wonderful parents.

An autumn wedding means not too much time for planning their perfect wedding but we have amazing friends and family on both sides that are willing to dive in with us. Like Gabby who took these beautiful shots of Marc and Marie.  It's going to be a wonderful, wild ride.

Marc has asked to learn to cook some healthy, frugal, gluten free meals that will fit into their newlywed budget and we'll be sharing them here so they can access them easily. In fact, he's already put his first pot of pinto beans on the stove for the meal he's making for tonight. I look forward to spending time teaching him a bit more of why I do what I do in the kitchen but mostly cherishing our together time.


leah said...

Congratulations to Marc and Marie! You have some exciting months ahead of you. I hope you will be able to relish this joyful time.

Looking forward to gleaning what I can from the posts to come--they will help the new couple but others, too!

chacha said...

Thank you Leah! We'll enjoy this time but my it's going to fly by! Less than four months until the big day already - hard to believe.

We've got to put our post together - it was so much fun cooking with Marc. He had a lot of great questions and I think he'll be a pretty intuitive cook. Marie has been cooking gf dinners for Marc often so they're off to a good start.

gabbyfek said...

oh how i love those two!

and i want to take the cooking lessons toooooooooo.

Marc Mueller said...

Thanks mom, love you!!!

chacha said...

Sounds perfect Gabby!
I'll put you and Marc to work while I sit and supervise the cooking!
(However, you are an amazing cook and there's nothing you need to learn.)

Love you Marc!!

Laura said...

YAY! Praise the LORD! They are so adorable and she is the cutest thing ever. Let me know how I can help.

chacha said...

Amen Laura! Thank you so much for your offer. xoxo

Eli said...

too cute! Thank you for posting this.
I'm excited to meet everyone.
~The Bride's sister
(still getting use to this)

chacha said...

Hi Eli! Other than Marc and Marie I think we're all still getting used to this! It's going to be a wild ride the next few months but I'm so thrilled for them. Can't wait to see you soon! xoxo