Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Shout Out to My Dentist. . .

Perhaps a strange title for a post but today I am very thankful for my dentist. Carl McMillan is a holistic dentist in Cary and we've been patients there a few years now.

For the last few weeks there's been something strange going on with a tooth but it wasn't really pain or even a real discomfort - it was just off. Thursday afternoon I had a chair massage for back pain and while it helped my back immensely it seemed to trigger something near my lymph nodes at my right jaw. All of the sudden that strange feeling was becoming a large area of discomfort and, later pain. Late Friday afternoon the pain all the sudden became intense and localized under that tooth.  Intense just doesn't come close to describing it really.

This all happened quickly and after business hours on Friday afternoon.  Chris called Dr. McMillan assuming he was on his two hour drive home to his family only to find him wrapping up some paperwork at the office and willing to help.  Dr. McMillan not only offered to see me after hours, he himself called the pharmacy to discuss prescribing the proper antibiotic without added dyes so that I wouldn't have a reaction on top of pain. He spent time explaining what to do for pain and made sure I knew a good, strong probiotic was necessary with the strong antibiotic.

He and his staff have been so helpful and work with us to make sure we are not exposed to dyes and gluten during our visits, too.

So nearly twenty-four hours later the pain is starting to lift a bit as the antibiotics (and lots of prayer) are doing their work. I'm so thankful for the kitchen tools we've collected over the years like my immersion blender and Vitamix. I actually had to blend my oatmeal this morning! I've got lots of soups, my green gazpacho and overnight oats on my blog to hold me over the next couple of days and anticipate things will be completely better very soon.

So what are you thankful for today?


gabbyfek said...

i think the way you are healing is so amazing. YOU are so amazing. so glad you have a great dentist, too.


chacha said...

Thanks! Today feels so much better.


Cody Zieba said...

That was very considerate of your dentist to help you out even beyond the clinic hours! It’s good to know that the antibiotics are working their magic, even if it is rather gradual. Was your dentist able to pinpoint the cause of the pain? Hopefully it’s not because your tooth is damaged or infected.

Laura said...

Sister! I am praying for you. ouch- big time. So sorry you had that issue but what a great dentist! You are under good care. Hope you are able to chew a bit soon.
Love ~ YSIC