Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Find - Baking Soda

Baking Soda may not be considered a "find" for many of you but it is one of the most often used items in my house and in just about every part of my house. I buy the large bags at Costco and find the small plastic jar at Target.

When we joined the Feingold Association I learned that a bit of baking soda in a glass of water or juice could help with an adverse reaction to food or scents just like it helps with indigestion. It's amazing how it can neutralize the reaction so quickly - even helps with the headaches I get from perfumes.

In the kitchen I use it for baking, of course, but also to clean my glass top stove and sink without harsh and smelly chemicals.

I keep the handy plastic shake top container in the bathroom. A sprinkle in my hand is just the right amount to give my face a thorough but gentle scrub or to brush my teeth. The snap on lid keeps it dry and fresh and can go in a travel bag, too. No worries about finding a gluten free, chemical free toothpaste or cleanser and the price is great.

In the garden - thanks to Pinterest - I found it's an excellent weed deterrent.  Just sprinkle a good layer of it on freshly watered areas and in a few days the weeds will be gone.  Last for weeks, too.

Of course, these are just a very few uses and there must be a million and one more - please feel free to share any baking soda tricks you have.

Happy Friday.


leah said...

I love these ideas and can't wait to try it as a cleanser for my stove and sink.

At your suggestion I've been using it as a facial cleanser, too, and my complexion has really improved! I found a small bottle at Walmart with a flip top lid and took it along on vacation. That worked not just for my face, but for my son's reaction when we couldn't find his baking soda capsules (later we found they were packed with the binoculars!) Who knew baking soda could be so great?

Caren Drink said...

I had no idea it works as a weed killer! Does it change the PH of the soil in the long term?

I use it to rub the hard water clouds off my drinking glasses, and to clean plastic that gets that funky film on it. And on the laundry and a million other places.

I'm going to try it on my face tonight.

chacha said...

That's great Leah! I'd like to find a smaller container than I've got. I don't think I'll travel without it now.

Caren, I love seeing you here! No, I don't think it changes the soil long term when it's sprinkled on, at least not with the amount of rain we get. Even with all the dilution from the rain it still keeps the weeds at bay for a long time.

I'll try it on our glasses next. I forgot all about the laundry - it's great to boost the cleaning powder.

xoxo to both!

Laura said...

I also use B. Soda for LOTS of things. I use it in my pool along with my salinator to keep it clean. We keep a ramekin in the bathroom for brushing out teeth also!
I make my deodorant with it too!
Today I am making a poultice with peroxide to try and stop my 10,000 bites I have that are blistered.. and causing me great anguish (or it is chicken pox).
I also know a woman who uses it with vinegar to wash her hair with-!
Yes there are 1001 uses for baking soda! Thanks for the tips Kathryn- hope to see you soon!

chacha said...

Deodorant is a good one that I forgot about. I keep a small container and a fluffy brush on the counter and just dust the pits - nothing else seems to be needed. (I tested that in July during our record heat wave, too!)

Hold the phone - chicken pox??? Praying that's not the case and praying for healing!! Marc's got some bites and I'd forgotten about making a poultice - thanks for the reminder on that one, too.

I've tried the no-shampoo trick with apple cider vinegar to rinse. It worked pretty well but I wasn't crazy about it - may need to revisit that trick again.

Hope to see you this week!