Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Unprocessed Challenge 10/2

The October Unprocessed Challenge has been really eye opening and it's only been two days!

Being mindful of what I'm eating and why is great - realizing some favorites aren't the best choices has been surprising and a little disappointing if I'm honest.

Although things are really busy with Marc & Marie's wedding just around the corner, I'm taking a few minutes here and there to look at what I'm eating.

I realized yesterday that none of the gluten free baked goods in my house qualify as unprocessed via the kitchen test. Makes that quick slice of toast smeared with peanut butter a no go for breakfast. Corn tortillas popped in the toaster oven have worked fine. This is the bread I'll be making and I have all the ingredients ready to go tomorrow.

Dairy free milk was a little easier than I thought. My favorite Trader Joe's light coconut milk fits the bill for me since it has no additives and can be used for a bowl of oatmeal, baking, cooking up a quick curry and it's yummy in hot chocolate. I think that will be my chocolate fix this month because chocolate - that's not so easy on the challenge.

Last night's dinner was wonderful and right on target for the challenge - fish tacos made everyone happy. What I originally planned for dinner tonight worked the guys but didn't work for me so I quickly made our green salad into the salad above. Artichoke hearts, garbanzos and beets made a yummy combination so that was easy and fast.

You may want to check out the October Unprocessed Challenge yourself because there is great information on healthy eating.  Great food for thought. There's also a Pinterest page to inspire you.

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