Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Gratitude - Day Eight

Today I am thankful for my Elle who is snuggled up next to me. There she is sitting on Marc's lap a few years ago when she was a pup. I love this photo because our sweet white faced Sam was still with us and we're all together. Elle Belle brought out the pup in Sam and gave him so much joy in his last months. I love the fact she loves Ev & O as if they belong to her - she stares at their house and waits for them to come out and see her.  She's afraid of her own shadow and just a wee bit neurotic but she's a love bug.

Like Sam, she loves my dad more than she loves us - here she is meeting him for the first time and Sam was jealous but gentle. Had to include my dad because while dog's may be man's best friend my dad is certainly a dog's best friend.


Mara said...

sweet pictures.
love the pups.

gabbyfek said...

oh chacha.
i love this.
and i love those pups of yours.
sam was mentioned last night as ev reviewed alllllllll the dogs we know.
we love your pups like we love the maxxy.

chacha said...

Thanks Mara!

Oh Gab, I love that Ev!
And I love their little dog loving hearts.