Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Gratitude - Day Ten

Today I am incredibly grateful for gorgeous, warm and sunny Saturdays in November.

Saturdays were going to be my theme today anyway because I spend them with Chris.

Today's glorious sunshiny day was spectacular.

To start the day off I slept in - really slept in!?!? It was heaven and helped me kick most of the cold I'm fighting.  A quick breakfast and nearly an hour on the bike was the perfect start to the day.

Even our poor maple perked up and changed color for today. I'm finally really starting to love Carolina blue skies in the fall after all these years.

Chris and Elle ran up to the lake before I even woke up but Elle still wanted to play outside this morning. She chased squirrels and crunched leaves under her busy little paws and generally acted like a puppy again and it was a treat to watch her.

Chris did all sorts of yard work and garage organizing today - which I appreciated but didn't really participate in. =D

After all Chris' hard work and a fun surprise visit from Terri we had lunch.

Our new favorite detox salad and kombucha were especially delicious and we enjoyed it while we sat in the afternoon sun on the porch.

I have to put the recipe up soon. We've been making big batches of it at a time at least once a week for weeks now and just love it. It's nice because it stays fresh in the fridge for at least three days. Makes for great quick and healthy meals.

Anyway, while we sat in the sun we talked about plans for the garden and for Chris' birthday which is coming up very, very soon.

We decided a nice long walk in the sunshine was in order before errands had to be run. It was perfect. Errands were run, dinner was made and now we're sitting here with Joe enjoying our evening.

It looks like tomorrow is going to be more of the same and I'm already thankful for that!


leah said...

I love these glimpses into your life and onto your heart of gratitude.

We had a lovely day here, too, especially for this time of the year, but the wind has picked up so we know change is in the air.

Mara said...

sounds perfect!!!
love the pics of the trees.

chacha said...

Thanks Leah - that wind finally made it here last night and we woke up to grey and cold!

Thanks Mara!