Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Gratitude - Days 24 & 25

This weekend flew by.....great plans to clean and paint and organize and blog - most of which didn't happen.

Can I still blame it on the turkey?

After Friday night's photo party with the adorable Katelyn I have to admit that I spent my Saturday morning coffee time looking at those amazing wedding pics again. I ordered a bunch to send to Chris' mom and had the best time putting a little album together.

We, meaning mostly Chris, got Christmas lights up outside and I love how they sparkle and brighten up the house when it gets dark way too early this time of year. I am thankful he's feeling a bit like Clark Griswold this year.

Yesterday with Elle in tow, we walked across the street and picked out our Christmas tree. I love my delivery guys and I love our new tradition. After years of artificial trees because of my allergies we went back to real, fresh trees. The trick to no allergies? We keep it on the back deck. It makes the whole living room glow and there's not one wayward needle on the carpet!

Later that night we enjoyed a long overdue visit with friends Saturday night and I'm thankful for being able to reconnect. They're the kind of neighbor friends we would love to spend more time with if life wasn't so crazy and I'm thankful we can call so many of our neighbors friends.

This afternoon I finished up Suzie's album and updated Chris' mini album that he keeps in his bag for travel. I am so thankful that my husband is a man who carries his family with him on the road.


Laura said...

That's a great idea about the tree! Leave it to you to come up with a fun way that is also sensible. I will give it a good sniff today. I love the way they smell!

chacha said...

It is fun to go out and give it a good sniff. =-)