Friday, November 30, 2012

November Gratitude - Wrapping it up. . .

The last two days of November have flown by. The weather has been gorgeous and perfect for walks with Elle. A visit with Ruth yesterday afternoon and a quick catch up with my Gabby tonight made the last two days such a blessing.

I finally started my long anticipated pillow project yesterday and finished the last one a moment ago. This project was one I hoped to finish before the wedding but it's done and that's what matters. I love the bright colors and how the living room seems somehow more serene.

I'm thankful for all the blessings of this month both big and small. Marc and Marie's wedding and the friends and family that came to share the day is so fresh in my heart. For a Thanksgiving shared with Marie's family, I am so thankful to my sweet sister in law Bev for hostessing.

It feels like the October Unprocessed Challenge continues to help me make better choices that will result in better health. That is a blessing.

November Gratitude was a wonderful opportunity to process each blessing and be mindful of what God is doing in our lives while pushing me to find time to blog (almost) daily. Good discipline for me.

December is bringing something new. While reading Ginger Lemon Girl's site this week I was happy to read about the December Sanity Challenge 2012 - A Peaceful Holiday Season. What a refreshing take on the holidays! I love Carrie's goals for December and focusing on making time to keeping Christ's birthday the focus. I'm excited to see what I'll learn through this challenge.

My silly outside Christmas tree fits right in. It's done, it's stress free, it keeps our house clean and it's the perfect spot for gluten free s'mores on the deck. Is there an easier,  more relaxed way to spend time with friends? I hope that we can keep things calm, keep the schedule light and have a serene December so that we can enjoy Christmas together. I'll work on my own specific goals to help ensure that next.


leah said...

Love your Christmas tree! Not sure that would work in IL most years. ;) We have an artificial that drops needles like it is real, keeping me in close relationship with the vaccuum for the month.

It has been really neat to share in your gratitude this month, especially the wedding.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Love your outdoor tree idea! And you're a pillow maker? I have a long history of making all kinds of pillows, but haven't made one in a while. Will have to look for some of your photos. ;-)


p.s. Those gluten-free S'mores sound good!

chacha said...

Leah, I have inexpensive shatterproof ornaments that I don't worry about. The star is one we've had on the tree for over twenty years and it's been just fine. The spot on the deck is somewhat protected but there's nothing prettier than a dusting of real snow on the tree!

And thank you - it's been such a great thing for me to stay focused on what matters. =D

Thanks Shirley! I love to do crafty things of all sorts. These pillows are really easy - just some pretty World Market napkins sewn together. I love to switch up our colors from time to time.

Right now I'm still thinking about your flourless chocolate cake!


gabbyfek said...

you are so dang amazing!

chacha said...

You know better Gabby! ;-)

Laura said...

I want to see the pillows! You are so crafty and smart Kathryn. I can't wait to see you again!

chacha said...

Come see them! xoxo