Thursday, February 14, 2013

De'Lure' Desserts & Bakery Delivers!

Yesterday I had the nicest gluten free surprise! Ragan, of De'Lure' Desserts & Bakery was making a Valentine dessert delivery to Marie nearby and surprised me with a complimentary baguette.

Ragan is the talented gluten free baker who makes the wonderful gluten free focaccia and chocolate raspberry amore cakes served at Bella Monica. I've gone on about them in our Bella Monica posts before. Being able to go out for a wonderful Italian meal and be able to order nearly anything on the menu safely is such a treat and Ragan works beautifully with the Bella Monica team to make that happen.You can find her goodies at other locations seasonally such as Pullen Park and Koka Booth Amphitheater so follow her on Facebook to keep up to date.

Ragan also did the beautiful desserts for Marc and Marie's wedding and she is absolutely wonderful to work with. She asked lots of questions and made sure she had Marie's vision. She spoiled us with samples to make sure Marc and Marie knew just what would be served and were happy with their choices.

Marie's aunts and cousins beautifully arranged the dessert table, decorating the cake with fresh flowers. It was the most beautiful presentation and everything was absolutely yummy and perfect.

Ragan made the wedding cake, French macarons, mini cupcakes and amore cakes and everyone loved everything. Raved about them, actually. This was big. Really big. Why? Because everything at this wedding from appetizer to entree to cupcake was gluten free and delicious.

Should you be so lucky to have her cater your wedding desserts be sure to order more than you think you will need because they will be quickly inhaled by your happy guests.

But back to the baguette! Ragan's baguette is not only gluten free, but also corn free, peanut free and vegan.  And did I mention delicious? The kind of delicious your non-gf friends will also enjoy if you are generous enough to share with them.

Because I was the only one home last night I saved it until today to share. And, since we waited a day to sample the baguette, I can't speak to how it tastes the day it is baked but can tell you it was wonderful today.

Joe wanted black bean hummus and veggies at lunch and the baguette was perfectly suited. I sliced it thinly and toasted it for our meal. We both loved the taste, texture and crunchy crust. It dunked into our hummus and held up well.  No typical gluten free crumbles here.

We pretty much inhaled every crumb of every slice I'd toasted. We saved some for Chris to try when he gets home tonight but I will be surprised if it makes it that long.

Ragan says she likes to slice, toast and serve as Bruschetta which sounds great. Chris and I love Laura's Garlic Herb Dip and I think these baguette slices will be perfect dipped into that garlicky delight. It was also amazing with a small smear of butter.

Ragan charges $5.50 per loaf and her delivery charge in the Raleigh area is only $5. I'm placing an order soon because looking through the wedding photos makes me want one of those delicious French Macaroons.

Thank you to Katelyn McKay Photography for your beautiful dessert photos.


leah said...

I'm going on a complete rabbit trail here...but I love the fresh flowers to decorate the wedding cake! What a great way to avoid artificial colors and do it beautifully. That is something I will have to file away in my idea box for later...hopefully much later, in our case.

So glad you and Joe were spoiled with a special treat on Valentine's day!!

chacha said...

I'm glad you liked their idea. Marie's mom coordinated all the flowers with her florist and they were gorgeous. Her aunts and cousins put everything together before the wedding and then put on their dresses and looked amazing! They should go into wedding planning!!

And yes, you should have a few years to keep this idea tucked away for a wedding - but what about a special anniversary cake for your parents or Rachel's sweet sixteen???

Mara said...

now i want a baguette.
and a few cupcakes.
thanks for making me hungry!

chacha said...

Don't forget the macarons Mara!!!