Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gluten Free at Mediterranean Deli in Chapel Hill

Marc and Marie had gone to Mediterranean Deli several weeks ago and raved about it - especially the fact that they serve gluten free pita bread. Life got busy and I forgot. Then sweet Megan, a fellow gf'er went not long ago with her boyfriend and Instagramed an amazing looking plate. I kind of forgot again. Finally, super talented photographer Carolyn asked her Facebook friends about gluten free restaurants in Durham and Chapel Hill so I Googled it to get the menu for her yesterday. After reading the menu and I asked Chris if he wanted to go for a late lunch today and he graciously complied.

Mediterranean Deli is a large, sunny and casual restaurant that was packed when Chris and I stopped in late this afternoon. As you walk in and see a long case full of salads and goodies, grab a menu so you can order at the counter. Our friendly order taker helped us to pick our gluten free sides, we paid and took our number to our table. We also purchased a bag of gluten free pitas for us and for Marc and Marie. It took a few minutes before our plates came but oh was it worth the wait.

We both had ordered Kebabs - lamb for Chris and chicken for me. The kebab plates came with rice, pita and two sides. Chris had gluten free tabouli and a beet salad and enjoyed both. He loved the lamb kebab. It was served over a bed of yellow basmati rice which we were assured was naturally colored with saffron and spices. It was delicious. The grilled jalapeno and tomato were a nice touch. The yogurt came in very handy to temper the fire of said jalapeno.

My chicken kebab was perfect - tender and spiced just right. The avocado salad had red onion, tomato and feta. Mediterranean guacamole if you ask me. Totally addictive. The beet salad was so good. I don't know about you but I always assumed I would hate beets. Never tried one until I was 50 and then it was love at first bite! Can't get enough of them these days. I savored this meal and ate it so slowly - pacing my pita and devouring every bite. It was such a treat.

The restaurant was busy the entire time we were there. The catering van pulled up, was filled and left again just filled to the brim with trays of goodies. At least two people left with large party trays. This is obviously not a well hidden secret and I just can't believe it took so long for us to find it.

Gluten Free Organic Pita Bread. <----- Click on that link! You can order their organic gluten free pita bread and have it delivered to you. Honestly, it will be a long time before I order because we need to go back and try so many other things on the menu and I can just pick up a few bags again. But just knowing I can order it any time just makes me smile.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


gfe--gluten free easily said...

Another terrific review, Kathryn! Cool that they have gluten-free pita bread, tabouli, and more. Kebabs are always a great treat. :-)


Laura said...

Yumee! We need to book a date from our postponed Feb luncheon. How did I think I could move and still have time for that?! I think I am ready though....
That looks so good- although we are not gf I love a new place to try and that looks like a winner! :)

chacha said...

Shirley, my hubby would concur. His is a huge kebab fan. I'll be able to get him back often.

Laura, yessiree! We're overdue! If you like Neomonde, you will like this! I saw a Lebonese friend who told me this is one of the best places for Lebonese food in the area. :-)