Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Leora!

Today would have been Leora's 74th birthday.

When Chris and I were married my sweet friend Corrie put together a very special book for us fill with quotes, photos and special messages from the people I love.

This is what Leora wrote to us way back when and it still makes me teary because it's so beautiful. I'm thankful that I have this happy photo and a note in her beautiful handwriting nearly 25 years later.

In messaging my cousins to let them know about posting Leora's Coconut Pie I found out that while I had missed out on it all these years coconut pie a family favorite that everyone loves. Some of her grandkids even bake themselves now and some of us had it for Easter.

Steve's Family at Easter.

If Diane had been home with these three they might have had pie.

Michelle's beauties!

David's family and that yummy pie!

Well no pie for Matt but I love this old shot of Leora, Cindy and Matt.

Dad with his sister's pie!
Leora and Bob flanked by half of Pat & me at Judy's wedding. This is
is the only picture I have of Leora and I together and
love that Bob and Pat are sharing the moment.

Leora would be so proud of her kids, their spouses and grandkids. Everyone one of them is bright and gorgeous - inside and out - and taking on the world in their own way.

Happy birthday to my dear aunt! 

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