Saturday, February 12, 2011

Martin's Curry Rice - Gluten Free Curries!

Tonight we had a spicy gluten free meal that I didn't have to cook and I have to share!  We'd read about Martin's Curry Rice in Morrisville and their create it yourself curries.  You choose the protein, pick any of the vegetables you like and then choose between mild yellow, medium green or spicy hot red curries. Some of their produce is from local farmer's markets. Your meal is then freshly cooked and quickly served over brown or white rice with a little cup of delicious yogurt salad on the side.  The curries and salad are naturally gluten free but there are other items on the menu that are not. The website says they've been open since July - I can't imagine how it's taken us so long to find out about them. Hope you get a chance to try it soon.


Martin S said...

Kathryn, Thanks for the visit. I believe that we have a natural, nutritious and delicious gluten free meal. As you have describe well, customers choose (BUILD-YOUR-OWN)so the get to enjoy the meal to match their liking.

I am hoping that the news spread and the Gluten Free community comes to the store and try out a curry bowl. We will continue to make the experience safe and exciting.

Thanks for the post

chacha said...

You're very welcome Martin.

We really enjoyed our meal and will be back soon!

Anonymous said...

We went to Martin's Curry Rice last Friday and loved it! Really enjoyed the medium curry and I'm excited to try the hot curry. It was cool to see your meal being prepared/ cooked right in front of you too, made for a very home-like atmosphere. We'll be going back very soon :)

Marc & Marie

chacha said...

I'm so glad you both enjoyed your curry! Next time I'm going to go for the hot, too. =D