Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gluten Free Atlanta - Day One - Yeah Burger

Delicious burger on gluten free bun conspicuously missing.

Today Joe and I drove to Atlanta with Chris to see the sites over our spring break.  I already miss Marc and Elle Belle at home but it's exciting to be able to get see the cousins and check out this beautiful city.  We're fortunate to spend some extra time with Chris during his work week, too.

Thanks to the amazing Sarah of Sarah Kate's Bakery our first stop after checking in was Yeah Burger.  Yeah Burger is an all natural burger spot that any burger lover would go nuts over. Bison, Beef, Turkey, Chicken or Veggie - all natural, mostly local.  They looked great.  But I didn't get one.  Wasn't the least bit interested despite the gluten free buns and toppings.  I only wanted one thing.  The one and only thing I still miss after my six plus years being gluten free.  GLUTEN FREE ONION RINGS!  Yes, gf onion rings made in a dedicated fryer.

Joe's big dogs on teeny gf buns!

Chris tried the burger on a whole wheat bun and an onion ring/fries combo while Joe woofed down two all natural beef hotdogs on gluten free buns.  I assume they loved their meals because they were gone in seconds.  I probably should have asked them but I was far too preoccupied with my onion rings.  Chris' meal wasn't gluten free so no pics of that. =D

Are these gorgeous or what?

They were crispy and crunchy and just greasy enough. The side salad was really fresh. Somehow they worked together and made for a wonderful meal.  It may finally be time to break down and buy my own deep fryer because I certainly can't wait another six years to enjoy more!  Actually I won't have to wait that long - we'll be back to Yeah Burger this week. =D

Tomorrow - Mellow Mushroom gluten free pizza with the cousins!


gabbyfek said...

uh, i totally concur with the deep fryer plan because those look AMAZING.
but wait....
deep fryer
tortilla steamer-press-thingie
we miss you so.

chacha said...

Deep fryer first. I can never go back to a life without onion rings again. =D

Miss you all, too!


gabbyfek said...

fiesta friday = deep fried friday?!?!?!

chacha said...

Works for me! Chips, taquitos, could be fun!