Monday, April 18, 2011

Gluten Free Atlanta - Day Two - Mellow Mushroom

The plan for today didn’t quite go as scheduled but it was a great one anyway.  Got a “little” lost and arrived at the cousins way too late to drive up and visit Kelsey’s beautiful campus and go to the Mellow Mushroom near there. It was great to get out of the car finally, see our family and crash for a bit.  Kate showed me her new painting which is amazing and I'd love to show it to you but I need to make sure she's okay with that.  We got to meet their new cute little cats. But because we were soooo late everyone was pretty hungry. Aunt Carrie knew of another Mellow Mushroom very near their house so we still made it for pizza with Carrie, Kate and Kim. 

Kelsey called during lunch and we got to pass the phone around – not quite as good as her being with us but still very nice.

Joe catching up with Kesley

I was very impressed with Mellow Mushroom.  Our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable about gluten free orders.  Just a bit of the kitchen was visible from our table but it was enough to see the care the kitchen staff took.  They changed gloves and opened the pre-wrapped crusts as far away from the other pizza making as possible.  Our waitress carefully delivered our gluten free pizza after the cousins’ pizza was already on the table.  No chance of the gluten containing pizza getting crumbs on ours.

Joe ordered a plain cheese and I had some artichoke hearts on mine.  They were huge and really enough for two people - if one of those people is not Joe. =D  Joe made fast work of his – it was a little crispy – almost like a flat bread and really good.  Mine wasn’t browned so was still soft and foldable - which is exactly what Joe did when he helped me finish it.
Notice the girls are hiding behind him?

After the huge lunch we went back to the cousins and hung out, did a little shopping and got to fit in part of Kimmy’s softball game.  Yep, that’s my niece sliding safely into home!

Way to go Kim! 

Tomorrow we are planning to get to R. Thomas Grill for lunch.  I first read about it about seven years ago and can’t wait to check it out.


gabbyfek said...

i love this post!
except for the getting lost part. booooooooo. that sounds like ME.
i'm now SUPER excited for OUR mellow mushroom to open.
we still miss you.
hope ellie is excited to see us today!

chacha said...

It took two hours to go what should have been 30 minutes!
Yes, we'll be able to walk there and back!
Elle Belle will be over the moon!