Monday, May 23, 2011

Healthy Green Smoothies versus Spicy Green Gazpacho

I understand green smoothies.  They’re a healthy way to get a salad bowl of greens and veggies in a glass but they're a hard sell at my house.

Green Gazpacho is another thing entirely.  Cooling, spicy and flavorful – gazpacho made in your blender is a meal in a bowl (or glass) and perfect for a hot summer day.  

Green smoothies can vary a lot but for the most part they are mild and and a little bland to me. Some people add apples or other fruit or juices for sweet morning smoothies. Some enjoy avocado to add healthy fat and give them staying power. All are healthy and wonderful but a cold glass of greens doesn't appeal in the morning and a sweet smoothie doesn't appeal later in the day. But that's just me and mine.

Green Gazpacho, on the other hand is spicy and flavorful. I start with fresh salsa, lime juice and a Serrano chili.  An entire bunch of cilantro adds bite and is a great for detoxification.  The greens and veggies vary depending on what is fresh and available so be creative.  I like to make them when I've already got the Vitamix out to make salsa and just leave a couple of inches of salsa in the blender.  All I have to do is keep filling up the blender.

Here’s my new favorite:

1 cup (approximately) fresh Salsa
¼ cup Lime Juice
1 Serrano chili or chili of your choice
1 bunch Fresh Cilantro
1 zucchini (cucumber works just as well
1 five ounce package organic Spinach and Greens
2 medium Carrots, cut in 3 inch chunks
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste

Starting with the salsa, lime juice and Serrano chili in the blender blend on high to liquefy.  Add each ingredient one by one and liquefy after each addition.  I use the tamper with my Vitamix and it takes two minutes or less to blend.  It may take a bit longer with a standard blender but it will work just as well.

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