Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gluten Free Deep Fried Bliss!

My sweet family realized how much gluten free onion rings meant to me at Yeah Burger and they did a very dangerous thing today.  They gifted me with my very own, brand spanking new, never used for anything gluteny deep fryer.

So now, after eating more than my age onion rings I can reflect on the experience.  

The deep fryer is wonderful and so easy to use.  It’s a Delonghi  Cool Touch so no burns from metal housing.  The basket automatically lowers to protect you from spattering burns.  It seems very easy to clean and couldn’t have been simpler to start up.

I decided to use coconut oil in the fryer because I believe it is a healthier choice for us.  I am certain there are no preservatives or anti-foaming agents or anything else we don’t want in our food.

The first test was tortilla chips.  I simply took Trader Joe’s corn tortillas and cut them into sixths.  It took less than five minutes per batch for a perfect golden brown.  On a scale of one to ten Joe gave them a ten.

The next was Bell and Evan’s chicken nuggets.  Not something we keep on hand all the time but they are really good, all natural chicken nuggets.  Joe likes them either way but felt the deep frying made the coating extra crunchy which he really enjoyed.

The big test, though, was onion rings.  A while back I found The Baking Beauties website and made note of the onion rings.  So this morning I pulled up the onion ring recipe and couldn’t wait to get started.  Onion rings - glorious onion rings!

I followed Jeanine’s recipe with two substitutions – Pamela’s  Baking and Pancake Mix for the GF All Purpose Flour and sparkling water for the milk.  Pamela’s because I love it and had it on hand and the sparkling water because we don’t drink milk.  I’ve read that sparkling water or club soda works well in this type of batter so I thought I would give it a try.

Two large onions made a ton of onion rings.  Chris took a plate to the Feks – because who doesn’t want onion rings after dinner when you’re trying to bathe two little ones??  They’re addictive and so yummy and I had a ton of them.  I did have some spicy green gazpacho and a green salad to balance out the onion rings – that's healthy, right?? 

So if you love onion rings like I love onion rings try this recipe!


gabby said...

they were seriously AMAZING.
when we finished bathtime and walk, mike said... ohhhhhhhhhhhh... i ate too many onion rings!
love you! happy birthday! you deserved those rings and much much more!

chacha said...

Thanks! Such a good and easy recipe.
The only problem - the huge quantity it makes!
I'm with Mike and had way, way too many!
Love you and thank you!