Monday, May 9, 2011

Labrems Cookies & Martin's Curry Rice

The always amazing Marie surprised me with a visit last week.  She'd been at Whole Foods and met Roxana Moss of Labrems Cookies.  Roxana makes all natural, flour free, gluten free cookies and she graciously sent a box of four different cookies for us to sample.  Roxana is also gluten intolerant and, like me, has problems with too many carbs.  These are the kind of cookies I would bake myself. She sells them at Whole Foods and online and they are soooo good.  My favorite was the dark chocolate, of course, but they are all yummy.  Her website is still in the works so I've included a link to her facebook page. Roxana has been to Whole Foods stores all over the south lately so many of you should be able to find them.

Martin's Curry Rice is one of our favorite places.  It had been a while since we'd been when I noticed that Martin had updated his facebook page with a note about making tandoori chicken at the farmer's market earlier that day.  He said that the tandoori chicken was on the menu that night so we zipped right over.  Martin made a veggie curry for Chris and I to share with our chicken and packed everything up for us to take home. We curled up on the couch with a dvd and our dinner.  The dvd was awful but our dinner was delicious! It was the best tandoori chicken I've had since we moved away from California several years ago, smoky and spicy and so flavorful - not too hot and perfectly grilled. Now if I could only figure out gluten free naan to go with it.  Anyway, check out his page for specials like tandoori chicken and his all local ingredient menus.


gabbyfek said...

oh what i wouldn't give for a visit to martin's.... boo on my family not wanting to go with me.
and that marie.
just SO cute.

chacha said...

When your boys go to Skipper's next we'll go to Martin's and you'll love it. We'll train O to love it, too!

Yes she is! And Marie bearing yummy gluten free cookies is even sweeter! =D