Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still Baking. . .

Last night at church Joe was asked to go to the retreat center a day earlier to help set up for the retreat so that means a few more meals need to be packed and one less day to do it. He's so easy and doesn't care if he has a lot of variety so it's not a big deal but I don't want him eating too much of the same thing.

I decided to make these chocolate coconut bars to pack for breakfast. Baking with coconut oil is so much easier this time of year. Since we've already got a jump on summer weather the oil was soft and easy to scoop. Because I have lots of fresh farmer's market eggs I switched out the flax and water and used six large eggs instead.  Surprisingly, they were more chewy and firm with that sub and we liked them even more.

He'll need five breakfasts - so I packed up six bars just in case.  Three of these and three bars made with the oatmeal date jumbo recipe.  I just added a cup of chocolate chips to the recipe and patted it into a 13 x 9 pan to baked it for about 25 minutes.  They make wonderful granola type bars - a little crunchy but still chewy.  All the bars are roughly 2 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches large.

Sending cookie/cake bars may seem like an unhealthy way to start the day but remember that each recipe has a good amount of protein given the large amount of eggs, almond flour and/or peanut butter. I've also cut the sugar down to a minimum in each recipe.  The result is a nutrient dense treat.

Each bar is in it's own freezer bag and all in one larger freezer bag.  The outer bag will be marked with "breakfast bars",  his name, our church's name and my phone number in case there are any questions.

The kitchen staff can just grab one and a container of yogurt out of their bag and he'll be good to go.

Next up - lunch on the road and at camp. . . .

P.S.  Marc just walked in the door and told me he'd read my blog today.  He felt just a wee bit betrayed by the veggies in last night's layered enfrijolada dinner.  I just smiled.  =D

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