Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Gratitude - Day Fifteen

On this gray and rainy day I am thankful for this bright and happy room I'm typing this blog post in. I'm still not sure what to call this little space of mine but I love it. It's my office, my craft room, a guest room and my sanity saver.

Our little house was filled to the brim when all four of us lived here but I loved that. It was incredibly hard for me when Marc moved out and my nest wasn't so full anymore but this spot has been my silver lining. Chris sweetly told me to make the room my own.

The walls were a dark, dark blue.  Ruth came over and we painted and painted until it was sunny and bright. The ivory walls make it feel bigger and gave me a fresh, clean palette. Just about everything in the room came from other rooms in house. Most of my shells came up here, anything pink did. Things finally have a place. Things I can finally see, enjoy and utilize.

I love having my ABC's up here in my "girl" room. My mother in law cross stitched this for me shortly after Chris and I were married.

There are still some things to finish organizing, a platform bed to make to add storage and fun, and some more art for the very blank walls but it will all come in time.

The closet may be my favorite feature as crazy as that sounds. We painted it a sunny, very light turquoise blue. It makes me smile when I open the door - in fact I often keep the doors open just because.

I love being able to actually find craft supplies, ribbons that never tangle again and having all my wrapping supplies in one place.

Maybe this little bit of organization will spread through the house! =D

The dresser was in my mom's house when she was growing up and used to be in my grandma's sewing room. I love that. I also love the new drawer pulls that match the closet.

It is topped with favorite photos and filled with stationary and mailing supplies - need a stamp? A padded envelope? Packing tape?? I now know exactly where it all is.

I even love ironing in here! Well maybe not love, but I am thankful for a spot that I can spread out and do what I need to do.

My desk is too messy for an iphone pic but it has a snoring pup underneath and there's a chair next to me if anyone wants to come and sit and chat.

I feel very grateful for my own little spot, a girl spot in the midst of a house full of men.


gabbyfek said...

love this post
and your space.
so very much so.

Mara said...

that's awesome.
i love feeling organized.
i'm a leeeeeeeeeeettle jealous of your girl room.

Laura said...

I want to come and hang out in that organized room. I love the ideas and the satisfaction of actually getting it done and enjoying it.

Thoughts on the name:

Chacha's Crafty Creative Cubicle
Girl Grotto
The Suite of Serenity

haha! :) YSIC

chacha said...

Next Monday Laura!