Friday, November 16, 2012

November Gratitude - Day Sixteen

Today I am thankful for silly monkeys who brighten up my afternoon. It was so sweet to spend the afternoon together (with Gabby, too) and just hang out since we won't see each other for nearly two weeks. O commandeered the netbook for Disney videos and modeled her hood while Ev played with Joe's old Lego car. We went to Trader Joe's together so Ev & O could stock up on Peppermint Joe Joe's - three boxes in each of their little carts! We saw some neighbors and Laura was there, too! I am still wearing the stickers O stuck to me. Lemonade in the afternoon sun on the porch to wash down their Joe Joe's and a dog walk/run to run off the cookies and lemonade were a great way to spend the day. I totally loved the fact that they talked Gabby into coming back over after the walk for just a little more together time. So thankful for silly monkeys am I.


Laura said...

They are the cutest little monkeys also. :)
It was great to see you too, and all your neighbors!

chacha said...

Joe and I popped in tonight. It's holiday season at TJ's and packed now. Will have to plan our trips carefully over the next month. :-/