Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gluten Free Cinco de Mayo Recipes!

Our family loves Mexican food so much we have it several times a week. It has always been a favorite of mine and is something that is so easily adaptable to gluten free life.

This year we are combining a Cinco de Mayo fiesta and Mother's Day so I have a few days to figure out our menu. It will be Aiden's first fiesta and while avocados are the only part of a fiesta he can partake in this time I'm sure by the next fiesta there will be more. 

We'll make it easy so none of the moms have much to do. While I haven't decided what I'm making yet, here are some of my favorites:

These tamales are the easiest tamales you can make and also vegetarian. Once you make your first batch you'll have fun making your own fillings to suit your tastes.

You can literally stuff the masa with anything your family loves from refried beans to sauteed and seasoned veggies to shredded and seasoned meats.

Even really simple meals are so much more flavorful topped with salsa. A simple meal of beans and rice is a fiesta when you add salsa like the bowl at the top of this post.

Salsas come in many different colors and flavors but our family tends to love these two basics. 

The red has my name but since Gabby loves the green version more than anyone I had to name it for her. 

The red is a fresh, medium-hot salsa that takes under five minutes in the blender. Follow the directions for a fast and chunky salsa or puree longer for a smoother version.

The green is a lot hotter, but not a typical green salsa at all. Totally pureed in the blender it's a combination of jalapeno, cilantro and lime juice. Hot but really flavorful. Made in my Vitamix its a smooth and pour-able sauce but made in a food processor or regular blender it will have gorgeous green flecks of cilantro.

Have you ever tried Enfrijoladas? If you haven't you are in for a treat! Instead of enchilada sauce I use a black bean sauce. It's easy peasy and great if you have to avoid things that are too spicy. I fill them just like enchiladas so feel free to use any filling your family enjoys. 

Check out this link for Gabby's cheesy rice, too. Gabby makes massive amounts of it when we get together and it always vanishes!

Fiesta Chicken and Rice Salad is one of my personal favorites. It's fresh and crunchy and so flavorful. It's great for a buffet and makes a wonderful light dinner on hot summer nights.

Another salad favorite is this one! A Creamy Cilantro and Pepita Salad Dressing is so refreshing over a bowl of mixed greens and is really nice and cooling with a spicy meal.

While not Mexican in any way shape or form, after a big meal it's nice to have something sweet but not too heavy. A square of my Praline Blondies are a quick to fix treat we all love.

And for more ideas, please check out Shirley's Cinco de Mayo recipes, too. That Sangria might just make it to our table!



R Brandsberg said...

Thanks for having a post for Bob's birthday- also known to the rest of the world, as Cinco de Mayo.
All these look cool and refreshing which I need because it is over 100 for the next week- 106+ Sat and Sun. Blech. Would be bearable with rain…but it doesn't rain Apr-Nov-! UGH! I am in MOAB!!!

chacha said...

Yay! Another reason to celebrate with a fiesta!

Well, if you were here you'd still be sweaty - it's so muggy already.

Guess we need to bloom where we are planted right now. Love you!