Friday, February 15, 2013

Fast & Easy Flax Chips or Crackers!

Sometimes a recipe seems so basic to me that I don't think it blog-worthy. These flax chips or crackers are one of those recipes. It is really more of a technique than a recipe like many of my other favorites.

These are a great naturally gluten free snack that you can put together in minutes. Flax seeds are full of fiber, minerals, omega 3 fatty acid, anitoxidants and vitamins. You'll feel good scooping up your guacamole with these. But do be mindful that while they are nutritionally amazing they are not exactly low calorie!

They really couldn't be easier to mix up. They are simply flax seeds, water and salt. The mild nutty taste works great with nearly every dip you can dunk them into. It's also a wonderful base for adding spices and herbs. Get the basic recipe down and play with it.

I take equal parts flax seeds and filtered water and a bit of sea salt to taste and mix them in a bowl. The mixture will become gelatinous and spreadable very quickly. You can get an idea of the texture of the flax/water combination in the bowl.

It's at this point I would add any herbs or spices to the bowl. My Flax Fiesta Crackers are a new favorite - but for now we'll keep it simple and straightforward.

Dividing the mixture between two parchment covered baking sheets I spread it as thin as possible for chips (or a little thicker for crackers). Bake in a slow oven as my grandma would say. I use 300 degrees if nothing else is in the oven. If I'm baking other things I will go as high as 350 degrees.

You can see in the photo on the middle right that the seeds are spread very thin. This is what I do for chips. I'd keep it a little thicker for a cracker - that's the only difference.

After an hour or so I usually flip the whole sheet of flax over to dry the other side. That's what you're really after, drying them rather than baking them.

If the edges start to brown while the center isn't quite done I just snap off pieces around the edges, put them in a bowl and put the tray back in the oven.

You can score the sheet of flax with a pizza cutter after about 45 minutes to get squares like I've done on the right. Breaking off pieces works just as well. Up to you.

So, here's the actual recipe:

Fast & Easy Flax Chips or Crackers
Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
Line two baking sheets with Parchment Paper.

2 cups Flax Seeds, Roasted or Raw
2 cups Filtered Water
1.2 teaspoon Sea Salt

Mix everything together and let sit for a few minutes to gel.

Divide mixture evenly between two baking sheets and spread as thin or thick as you like.

Put in the oven and check every thirty  minutes or so. When the top and edges look dry I put the cookies sheets on the stove and carefully flip them over so the bottom is now on the top and can dry.

Once they're dry and you can snap off chip sized pieces you are done. Depending on thickness it could be two hours or more.



Terri said...

Dear Chacha, so happy to be able to send you comments again! Your blog is beautiful and so informative! Thank you for the flax cracker recipe. I love them and have forgotten to make them. They look so delicious!

chacha said...

Terri, what a nice surprise! You have been on my heart for so long now. Thank you for your note. Hope to see you soon friend. xoxo

leah said...

I am soooo glad you posted this recipe. It will be good to try something with guacamole in place of the usual corn chips.

leah said...

Would this work with milled flaxseed, or do I need the whole seeds?

chacha said...

Absolutely - even a mix of the two work well. You may need to adjust the water a tiny bit.